Gympie Funerals - incorporating Cooloola Coast Crematorium and Lake View Memorial Gardens
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Arrange A Funeral Online
If you're located far away from Gympie or - for any reason - can't make it to our offices, you can also arrange a funeral through us by simply completing our online form.

Memorials & Plaques
If you'd like to erect a personal memorial or plaque to your loved one, we have an extensive range of memorials and plaques to suit all tastes and budgets. You can view them by clicking here.

Memorial Books
Memorial Books can create a personal, individual tribute to the passing of a loved one, as well as a cherished keepsake of their funeral. We have a range of beautiful memorial books, and you can see them here.

Floral Arrangements
Many people like to have flowers at a funeral. We work with Cooloola florists to do this. You can find out more about what's involved with floral arrangements by clicking here.

Making Arrangements
What's involved in making funeral arrangements? Most people have very little experience with this and can find it confusing. But our handy guide explains the process clearly and simply.

Funeral Notices
We can arrange for Funeral Notices to be published in local newspapers and broadcast on local radio for you at whatever rate those media charge us. But we also publish these notices at no charge whatsoever here
on our website

Our Coffin Range
Gympie Funerals offer a range of coffins for burials and cremations. You can view any of the coffins in our range in close-up by clicking on any of the thumbnail photos below.

Please note: Coffin prices vary depending on the quality of the construction and the materials and fittings used. The coffins shown here are indicative of our range but can be customised to suit your individual preferences. This being so, we encourage you to inspect our full range in person at our offices before making your final selection.

You can also see other options in the Expressions range of picture coffins by clicking here.

Baltic Pine Walnut Chevron
Rosewood Calvary Camphor Laurel
Cedar Casket Country Oak
Gold Line Chevron Lilac Mist
Mahogany Oxley Montrose
State Cedar Statesman
Jarrah Teak Chevron
Pineboard Rosewoofd Oxley
Rosewood Casket Sapele Chevron
Beach Fishing Wild Horses
Red Tractor Tropical Lagoon